common issues

We have listed some of the common issues that families can expereience

bad manners
  bad manners   Fido would say: I am so excited to be a part of what is going on….but I only know how to behave like a dog…please help me understand how to do this in a pleasing way to you…help me to be dogsmart, too!
  barking   Fido would say: I only have one voice and I use it in the ways God programmed me. I can learn how to use it to be more palatable to you…really!
  environment   Fido would say: I wear a fur coat all year…please help me to stay cool in the summer heat. Please give me fresh cool water…and if I am outside much, give a me a cool, breezy, shady place to hang out until you bring me in. Ask these folks to show you all the things need…
food issues
  food issues   Fido would say: Why can’t I eat food that is the most nutritious for me? You eat good stuff, why won’t you feed me good stuff too? Ask these folks…they’ll tell you how!
  health   Fido would say: I really don’t care to go to the Vet anymore than you like to go to the proctologist…but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t go for my annual check up and vaccinations. I would even be agreeable to tooth brushing, teeth cleaning and ear cleaning…for a treat! I know these folks can help…
house soiling
  soiling   Fido would say: If I’m healthy, then back to Potty Training 101….ask for the program!
multi-pet house
  multi-pet house   Fido would say: One is the loneliest number…just ask Three Dog Night! I just have to learn my place in the dog pack…
puppy training
  puppy training   Fido would say: Train me now or regret me later…I am never too young to learn…sign me up for Puppy Pre-School.
puppy/dog selection consultation
  selection consultation   Fido would say: Please learn all about me before you bring me home…I want to stay forever and not be recycled.
  safety   Fido would say: I am so inquisitive! I love to investigate EVERYTHING…even stuff that you know might not be good for me. Learn what that stuff is so you can protect me from my curiosity…I don’t want to end up like that cat! These folks can give you all the pointers I need.
  walking   Fido would say: ‘Push me Pull you’…not just for Dr. Doolittle anymore!!! I can learn to walk beside you and to go on an ‘us’ walk. Help me to be dogsmart about walking and not pulling.


Clear Dot