Aggression…a heavy tag to place on a dog…often times it can be fatal. We feel that every dog is worth evaluating against the circumstances, family lifestyle, commitment level, etc. Quite often, the dog can be shaped to be a friendly dog…with the right assessment, evaluation, plan for rehab, commitment by the family and consistent execution of the plan over time. This is a PROCESS, not a magic bullet…and no guarantees…

Unfortunately, some dogs develop fears and phobias because of experiences in their environment. As a result, these dogs display ‘aggressive’ behavior towards various things (reactions to people, dogs, animals, objects) in their environment. This can cause many difficulties for them and their families.

Behavioral Adjustment Training (B.A.T.) for Fear and Aggression
We use a treatment procedure developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, CTP, Ahisma Dog Training. The training is used by many trainers around the country. We have used this treatment with great success. We see such powerful results because of the use of functional rewards.

“BAT reduces fear and aggression by giving dogs socially acceptable ways to communicate their needs. BAT uses functional and bonus rewards with systematic desensitization in an error-free approach to learning.”
-Grisha Stewart

Constructional Aggression Treatment (C.A.T.)
We are also using a treatment procedure developed by Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz and Kellie Snider from the University of North Texas called Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT). The goal is to shape the dog’s ‘aggressive’ behavior back to a calm, happy, friendly dog whose relationships are repaired and who can be a successful member of society.

“Aggression is not an identity or an innate trait; it is a behavior that responds to the environment in which it lives or occurs.”
-Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz

relationship building
foundation obedience skills

Low Level Social Reactivity
We understand that some dogs are just overly exuberant in their reaction to things in the environment. Often times the only thing they need is some structure around how to be calm, relaxed and attentive in particular social situations.

We can teach your companion how to do this is an upbeat, motivational way that will give the dog skills to be successful in social situations…it will also bring the fun back into visitors coming over, walking in public and greeting new friends…

Please contact us for a consultation and behavior evaluation…we can work with you to shape Fido into a ‘social butterfly’ in no time!

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